If your home has suspended timber ground floors and was built before 1990, it is likely that it has not been insulated.  

As your home loses approx 10% of it’s heat through a suspended floor, plus cold draughts and chills pass up through the floorboards, fully insulating your floor helps to retain heat in your home, which in turn reduces your fuel bills and amount of carbon emissions produced.

Underfloor Insulation Grants are available to homeowners and tenants that meet the ECO eligibility criteria. 

The grant amount awarded varies based on the property type and current heating system. Homes with more expensive to run fuel bills will save more money through underfloor insulation and therefore receive higher grants.

In addition to suspended floor Insulation, we are also able to offer grants for loft insulation and wall insulation for both Cavity and Solid walls.

Please note that QERB Energy only use bead insulation for cavity walls to avoid damp issues that can be associated with fibre/wool products.

Homes that receive an underfloor insulation grant may also qualify for a boiler replacement/upgrade.

Rural Home Grant Application

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Installing the insulation
To access under the floorboards to insulate the floor, our installers require an access point and at least 450mm of space under the floor. They are fully skilled to be able to create a new access hatch if required. If the depth is too shallow, we maybe able to insulate through lifting the floorboards, subject to the property type and flooring.

ECO Grant standard qualification criteria

ECO Grants are available to anyone that meets one of the following criteria, no matter where you live in the UK. Grants are subject to conditions related to your property type and residency and can also vary from time to time.

Once you know if you qualify for an ECO grant, through either the standard qualification criteria or via a Local Authority approval, you can check read more about the full list of available grants.

Local Authority grant approvals

In addition to the range of Benefit based criteria, we are also able to gain approval from various Local Authorities to approve an ECO grant. Each Local Authority has its own set list of qualification criteria, which includes an income based option. Please check the list below for full details of each Local Authority.