QERB Energy are able to offer grants towards the supply and installation of a Solar PV system to homes that meet the following criteria:

1. Home is heated by Electric (ie Night Storage Heaters, Electric Room Heaters or Electric Boiler).

2. Someone living at the home meets the income or benefits criteria.

3. The home has a roof space that is suitable for solar panels to be installed.

What’s the catch? There is no catch. This is not like other Solar offers on the market. There is no question over who owns the solar PV system, you do. You do not have to change your energy supplier or pay any ongoing fees for the electric you produce.  There is no longer a Feed-In Tariff, but you will be able to apply for a new Smart Export Tariff should you wish. There is no maintenance contract to sign up to either.  You can add battery storage if you want, but there is no requirement to do so. The system you are supplied would be just the same as if you paid another company thousands of pounds on the open market, it’s just we have sourced a grant for you instead!


Our FREE Solar offer is available in selected Local Authority areas.

In all other areas we are able to offer a grant which covers the majority of the costs, but requires a customer contribution of £999.

Other areas If you live in one of the Local Authority districts listed below, we are able to approve you for an ECO Grant based on a wider range of criteria, which includes criteria such as earning less than £35,000 after paying your mortgage/rent and your fuel bills, being over the age of 60, having a child or suffering from an illness.. Click on your Local Authority for a detailed list of what qualifies.

Plymouth City Council are able to offer a FREE Solar PV system

Exeter City Council are able to offer a FREE Solar PV system

South Hams are able to offer a FREE Solar PV system

West Devon are able to offer a FREE Solar PV system

Teignbridge are able to offer a FREE Solar PV system

All other Local Authorities in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Bristol and South Wales are able to offer a Solar PV system for £999.

The usual retail price for our Solar PV systems is £5,999, as such no matter where you live we are able to offer great savings to homes that qualify.


Solar Grant Application

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