Rural Home Grants are now available to help some of the most expensive to maintain homes in the UK.

Most rural homes, such as farm houses, are often exposed to the elements, have inadequate insulation and are not connected to to the mains gas network. This leaves these homes heavily reliant on fossil fuels and expensive electricity.

QERB are now able to provide full home financial support to install modern insulation, micro generation and heating systems, resulting in massive fuel savings, reduced carbon emissions and warmer homes. This in turn increases the standard of life, helps children perform better at school and reduces the burden on the NHS.


Example of a typical Rural Home Grant;

A 5 bedroom detached solid wall farm house heated by electric storage heaters.

100% Fully funded grant to increase existing loft insulation from 50mm to 275mm worth circa £500

100% Fully funded grant to install External Wall Insulation to reduce the homes heat loss worth circa £12,000

100% Fully funded grant to replace the existing old storage heaters with a new central heating system, including a new hot water cylinder worth circa £4,000

100% Fully funded grant to install a Ground Source Heat Pump to generate Renewable Heating to work with the new central heating system worth circa £12,000

100% Fully funded grant to install a new Solar PV system up to 6kW to generate free electric and connect to the new Smart Export Tariff worth circa £6,000

Total Rural Home Grant value = £34,500

Rural Home Grant Application

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model of house and heat pump system

Our Rural Home Grants are designed for Detached homes with ground space to install a GSHP.

Homes without space for a GSHP can still qualify for Solar PV, Wall and Loft Insulation and either an LPG Central Heating system or Quantum HHR Heaters.

Smaller Rural Homes, such as cottages or semi-detached homes, can still qualify for a grant but it may not cover 100% of the cost for all of the improvements available.