Insulating with the Q-Bot from QERB

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Learn more about Heat Loss.

About 35% of the heat will escape through the walls and through gaps, in and around windows and doors, and about 15% of heat will disappear through the floor. According to the National Energy Foundation, more heat is lost through raised wooden floors rather than solid concrete floors. Independent studies have shown that for a typical property, suspended timber floors are responsible for as much as 25% of the total heat loss and 40% of the draughts. As energy prices continue to rise, the insulation of these floors is becoming more and more important.

Many older houses with suspended timber floors have big draughts and inadequate floor insulation; this can cause cold feet as well as higher energy bills. Installing underfloor insulation can address both these problems and give a payback on your investment in 5 years or less depending on whether you do it as a DIY job or use a professional.  Ground-floor insulation in homes can reduce floor heat loss by up to 92 per cent. Leeds Beckett University recently completed analysis of the heating bills before and after the installation of Q-Bot’s under floor insulation which showed a reduction in heating requirements of 26% and an improvement in air tightness of 39%.

Q-Bot studied several properties and found underfloor insulation typically saves around £180/year in heating bills. Examples for different properties are shown below and please see the Camden Council case study for further information.

How does Q-Bot compare?

Islington Council
A trial of Q-Bot’s under floor insulation service showed that this was the most cost-effective energy improvement option available (at £970 per EPC point compared to £2,015 for solid wall insulation and £11,810 when replacing the windows) with the biggest impact on CO2 reduction for the cost (with over 6.2kg of CO2 saved for each £1 spent over the lifetime of the measure, 4 times higher return than from installing a new condensing boiler).

Camden Council
Camden Council have trialled the solution across 48 properties. The initial results show that the EPC ratings improved by an average of 6.1 points and energy bills were reduced by £181/year. The case study showed that Q-Bot’s solution is 2-4 times cheaper per EPC point than the alternative measures that are applicable to these properties.

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Learn more about the Q-bot from QERB

Funding Available?

If you are on any UK Benefits, you could receive a Government grant to help pay for Q-Bot’s services. These benefits might include: Working and Child Tax Credit, Pension Credit Guarantee, JSA, ESA, Income Support, Universal Credit, Child Benefits w/ income < £39000, Disability living allowance, Attendance allowance etc.
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