Privacy Policy v1.0

1. Using personal information; QERB or our agents may use your information to do the following.

a. Provide you with the services you have asked for (which may include loyalty and incentive schemes).

b. Offer you account, services and products from us and our partners. To help us make these offers we may use an automatic scoring system, which also uses information about you from other credit-reference agencies and other companies.

c. Help run, and contact you about improving the way we run, any accounts, services and products we provide or plan to provide.

d. Create statistics, analyse customer information, create profiles and create marketing opportunities. This includes using information about what you buy from us and how you pay for it.

e. Help to prevent and detect debt, fraud or loss.

f. Help train our staff.

g. Contact you in any way including by post, email, phone, text message or other forms of electronic communications or by visiting you about products and services we and our selected partners are offering.

h. When we contact you, we may use any information we hold about you to do so. If we are contacting you to tell you about any offers, we will, as far as possible, do this in line with how you have told us you would prefer to receiving marketing information (your recorded marketing preferences).

i. You can ask us not to send you any information on our offers at any time by contacting us and giving us your account details.

2. We may also monitor and record any communications we have with you, including phone conversations and emails, to make sure that we are providing a good service and to make sure we are meeting our legal and regulatory responsibilities.

3. We may pass your address, property and postcode, and details of your gas appliances, flue, hot-water cylinder, system controls and electrical installations (including details of any repairs or removals) to organisations that supervise these activities, including Gas Safe (which replaced CORGI) and the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association). These organisations may pass this information to local authorities to meet building regulations.

4. They may also use this information to contact you to inspect appliances or systems, recall faulty products and carry out audits. They may also use this information for health and safety purposes.

5. Where appropriate, we will give you or the property owner (or both) a certificate to show that your appliances meet building regulations.

6. We may check your details with one or more credit-reference and fraud-prevention agencies to help us make decisions about your ability to make payments and the goods and services we can offer you.

7. If you are providing information about other people on a joint application, you must make sure they agree that we can use their information to do this.

8. If you give us false or inaccurate information and fraud is identified, we will pass your details to credit-reference and fraud-prevention agencies Law-enforcement agencies (such as the Police and HM Revenue & Customs) may receive and use this information.