Green Homes Grants – Self Assessment Quoting tool

QERB Energy are the only local installer able to offer the full range of home improvements available under the new Green Homes Grants. Our grants will include new highly efficient external doors, solar thermal hot water systems, heat pumps, smart heating controls, cavity and solid wall insulation, window upgrades, loft insulation and floor insulation.

Grants will be up to £5,000 for anyone and up to £10,000 for homes that receive one of the listed benefits. The scheme will close to new applications at 5pm on 31st March 2021.

Due ot the scheme being closed to new applications at short notice, we are not able to offer a home visit in time to allow you to apply for a voucher. Therefore we have opened our self assessment process to all customers. Please enter your postcode below to be re-directed to our Booking System or Self-Assessment process.

Please do not enter measurements that are lower than the actuals, if you are unsure, it is better to estimate higher than lower, as once new applications are closed, we will not be able to apply again for the correct voucher value.

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I live in an area that is not currently covered by a surveyor or is fully booked, how can I get a quote?

We have now added a self assessment online form which can be used to produce a quote. These quotes will require you to enter some basic measurements and to send us photographic evidence. They are not suitable for homes that have existing damp or access issues or are not comparable to an average home.

I now have a quote, how do I apply for the voucher?
You will need to apply on the government website for your voucher, which usually takes 10-12 days.
I now have my voucher, how do I book in my install?
Please call us on 01752 546160. You may require a Technical Survey by a specialist prior to install to plan out the work and order the correct materials.
How long does my voucher last?

Vouchers last 3 months or until the end of March 2022, whichever is soonest. As such it is important you call us as soon as your voucher arrives to book in your work, as our installers will be very busy over this period. You can request a 90 day extension to your voucher by simply contacting the Green Homes Grant Team. We may ask you to do this if your voucher is nearing its expiry date. Even if your work will be completed within the time, you may still be asked to extend a voucher to insure against any delays (ie due to bad weather etc)

The prices on my quote seem high. I could get a local handyman for less.

As part of the voucher scheme all work has to be completed to TrustMark and PAS standards. This means we have to do far more than an average installer would have too in the same industry to meet the governments quality standards, including paying fees to lodge and protect the installations. Furthermore we also have to appoint a third party company to inspect nearly every job completed. This can include pre, during and post inspections. We also employ a team of people to process voucher applications, warranties and inspections etc. 

Can I use a local tradesman to complete the work?

All work has to be completed to stringent TrustMark and PAS standards which means only installers approved under the scheme can complete work.

Can I use different installers for the various improvements?

The scheme rules do allow for different installers to be used to allow for some companies only being able to offer one specific type of skill. As QERB Energy are qualified to offer nearly all of the available measures, we are currently only providing a full voucher service.

Can another company install my Primary measure and you install the new doors as a secondary measure?

At present we are only offering a full service where we provide the Primary and Secondary measure, as we will not be paid if there are any problems with the primary measure, which would be out of our control.

What door will I have installed?

We will be offering a range of approved doors in various colours options, which you will be able to select prior to the installation.

I am having several improvements completed, will these all be done on the same day?

Work will usually be completed on different days as we use different skilled tradesman for each activity.

Can I have new double glazing?

The scheme rules only allow for single glazed windows to be replaced. You can not replace old double glazing regardless of how old it is or what condition it is in. Also glazing is a secondary measure and must be installed alongside a primary measure.

I am a landlord, can I qualify?

Yes, but the property must meet existing EPC requirements (rated E or above) prior to applying for a voucher.

My tenant is in receipt of benefits, can I claim a £10,000 voucher?

No. Rented properties are only eligible for the £5,000 voucher scheme.

What does a voucher cover?

Vouchers will cover two-thirds of the cost of eligible improvements, up to a maximum government contribution of £5,000. If you, or someone in your household, receive certain benefits you may be eligible for a voucher covering 100% of the cost of the improvements. The maximum value of the voucher is £10,000.

What are the primary measures?
The voucher must be used to install at least 1 primary measure.
– Solid wall insulation (external)
– Cavity Wall insulation
– Under-floor insulation (suspended floor)
– Loft insulation
– Flat roof insulation
– Solar thermal
What are the secondary measures?

If you install at least 1 primary measure, your voucher can be used to help cover the cost of any of the following secondary measures. The amount you get towards the cost of secondary measures cannot exceed the amount you get for primary measures.
You will only be able to redeem vouchers for secondary measures once you have installed a primary measure and redeemed the vouchers for that measure.

– Double or triple glazing (where replacing single glazing)

– Secondary glazing (in addition to single glazing)

– Energy efficient replacement doors (replacing single glazed or solid doors installed before 2002)

– Heating controls (such as, appliance thermostats, smart heating controls, zone controls, intelligent delayed start thermostat, thermostatic radiator valves)

Who is eligible for a Green Homes Grant voucher?

You may be eligible if you live in Devon or Cornwall and:

– You own your own home (including long-leaseholders and shared ownership)

– You’re a residential landlord in the private or social rented sector (including local authorities and housing associations)

– You cannot get the Green Homes Grant for newly built homes which have not been previously occupied. 

How long will a survey take?

Your survey will take approx an hour and we will check to see if your home is suitable for any of the Primary and Secondary measures, what value voucher you are entitled to claim and how much the work will cost. At the end of the survey our surveyor will be able to provide you with a quote that can be used to submit a claim for your voucher. The surveyor may need to book a second technical survey, which will look in more detail at the work to be carried out. Subject to how many home improvements you are having, you may need more than one technical survey, as we employ different technical experts for each measure type.

When can I book an install date?

Once your voucher has been approved, you will be able to book in your install date/s. Please note that each measure maybe installed on a different date, as we employ specific teams for each skill set.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

If you need to cancel your appointment, please click on the link within your booking confirmation email, or call us on 01752 546160.

Do I need anything for the survey?
In order to help speed up your application, please have the following ready for our surveyor to view at your appointment;
  • Council Tax Bill
  • Tenancy Agreement (if relevant)
  • Tenants must have their landlord present
  • Copy of Benefit letter if you are claiming the £10,000 voucher
What time will the surveyor arrive?

Please note that whilst appointments are booked for a specific time, every home is different and some surveys may take longer than others, also travel between areas, especially in rural locations, can also vary greatly, as such we can not promise to be able to arrive at the exact time booked.

I applied for a voucher in September/October and still haven’t heard! What is going on?
If you have been waiting for over 2 months for your voucher, please contact the Green Homes Grant team for further information. Once you have this information please contact us for help. Older quotes, while fine at the time of issuing, may not meet the current requirements, so often simply issuing a newer quote will help speed things up. 
What are the admin and processing charges on my quote?

In order to be a TrustMark registered installer that is able to provide access to Green Homes Grants and conform to PAS2030 standards, we employ far more administrative staff than installers. We also have to pay various fees and charges for lodgement, insurance, registration, design and processing related to the install.

The install labour is higher/lower than the time spent at my house. Can I claim a refund or do I have to pay the difference?

The install labour is a best estimate and includes the time to travel to and from the site and to collect materials, plus any time the installer was involved in the technical survey and design. The installer is paid per job and not an hourly rate. Civil Servants that don’t understand how installers are paid state that we have to provide labour in hours on quotes for GHG. If a job takes a bit longer or a bit less time then planned, we don’t refund the difference nor charge you any extra. We pay the installers the same flat rate.

The materials quoted on my invoice differ from the actual materials used. Can I get some money back or do I have to pay for the extra items?

We don’t normally specify materials costs on our quotes as our business normally provides clear fixed prices that we advertise. Unfortunately someone in the Government admin team decided all installers have to start providing these costs on our quotes several months into the scheme. We therefore now provide a breakdown of these, but we still work in the same way as before. We won’t charge you for extra materials and we won’t refund them either. As such our prices are our prices and we don’t tweak them up or down based on materials alone. This means you don’t have to worry that you will be presented with an unexpected bill either.

A common example of this is that we provide a fixed price for Solar Thermal installs. It does not matter if you have 1, 2 or 3 panels installed, or if the cylinder is 150L or 300L, we still charge the same amount. Likewise every job will require a different amount of pipework and lagging, but we have the same fixed price. 

The colour of my finished walls don’t match the colour on the website.

Our website images are of the colours provided to us by the product manufacturer. A computer or phone display colour can differ slightly from the colour you see based on the device you are using or the light outside.

Can you relocate my water cylinder as part of the installation? (or complete any other work)

The terms of the GHG voucher are very specific about what work is included and what can not be included. As such we are legally not aallowed to complete addiotnal works under the Green Homes Grant scheme unless they are specified as enabling works that were approved as part of the voucher application.

Can I have Solar Thermal if I have a combi-boiler?

Yes it is possible to have Solar Thermal installed with some combi-boilers. There are some differences to the system design. Our quotes are designed for a system boiler, but the cost for a combi boiler is the same fixed price. The system will only need to support a single panel and a 150L cylinder. The system design will require additonal work and materials that are not lisetd on our standard quote (combi-solar diverter valve etc).  We can provide an updated quote on request should the GHG team request this, but the price will be the same and will therefore not affect your voucher value.

New GHG policy regarding External Doors

The GHG Team have introduced a new policy for External Doors that is limiting the voucher value to £1000 per door, regardless of the quotation issued.

We will be offering either a uPVC or Composite Door (new prices to follow) which you can use a £1000 voucher towards.