The QERB Give Back scheme has been designed to help not only homes in the South West and South Wales gain access to ECO funding grants, but to help local schools, clubs, teams and community groups to access great rewards and incentives like new team kits, computers, technology and sports equipment.

QERB Give Back provides rewards for helping to raise awareness of the grants and support we can offer homes. The more people discover and benefit from our grants, the more we give back to the community.

What are the grants?

QERB Energy works in partnership with a number of energy companies such as EDF, E-ON and SSE to access funding designated to help reduce fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions. In addition we also work with a number of Local Authorities to help them reduce the carbon within their towns, cities and villages and also to help bring residents out of fuel poverty. These grants cover a range of energy savings measures, from insulating homes to upgrading heating systems and installing solar power systems. These home improvements help everyone, as more efficient homes results in less carbon being produced and a cleaner and greener place for us all to live. For example installing Solar PV onto homes helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and is helping remove the need for coal power plants in the UK as well as helping the residents of that home reduce their electric bills.

How can a school, team or community group help?

In the UK we have an old saying that you ‘don’t get something for nothing’. Whilst this may often be true, that’s not the case with a grant. As grants really are awarded to thousands of people each day. Unfortunately lots of people, especially the elderly, are missing out on much needed help as they are suspicious of advertising online or in the press, especially when there are lots of companies claiming to offer something for free, and not all of them are genuine! As such we find most of the people that we provide grants too have been recommended to us from someone else that has already received a grant and therefore can verify it as being genuine.

As a committee member, secretary, trustee, manager or director of a trusted organisation, we can help you complete due diligence and research the ECO funding grant system, provide you with references from Local Authorities and consumer support groups and even arrange for a meeting to answer any questions about the scheme. Once you are satisfied that the grants are genuine, we can then work with you to produce promotional material, such as a newsletter article, poster or email that can be sent out to your members.

How will my School, Team or Community Group benefit?

Quite simply, for every person or family that we secure a grant for, we will reward your school, team or group with a reward voucher. You can check the various grants we can offer below. You can then exchange these vouchers for great rewards which we have put together. (If there is something bespoke that we have not included, please let us know and we can try to accommodate this). For example, if your school newsletter were to help just 1 family, you could receive 150 children’s reading books, 5 families helped would result in your sports team receiving a full new team kit and 8 families helped would result in a shiny new Apple iMac being delivered to your IT room!

Types of ECO grant available (each worth 1 Give Back Voucher)

Insulating cavity walls with Bead Insulation to help reduce heat loss.

Insulating solid walls with External Wall Insulation (non-mains gas properties only).

Upgrading Electric Panel direct acting heaters to new Dimplex Quantum High Heat Retention Storage Heaters.

Installing Gas or LPG Central heating into homes that have never had central heating before.

Topping up Loft Insulation from 100mm or less to 270mm in homes with non-mains gas heating to help reduce heat loss.

Installing insulation under suspended wood floors to help reduce heat loss and chilly draughts.*

Replacing old inefficient and broken boilers with new modern condensing boilers.* (available with a wall or underfloor insulation measure)

Insulating the (cavity) party wall between two homes to help reduce heat loss.

Installing a Ground Source Heat Pump into a large rural home (only suitable for large homes with land).

Installing Solar Panels onto homes with Electric heating.


Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about the QERB Give Back scheme, or would like to sign up your club, school or team, please call us on 01752 546160.