Free Boiler Grants are usually provided through a scheme called the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO). The scheme launched in 2013 and is set to run through until 2022. We are currently within the 3rd phase of the scheme, which commenced late 2018. The rules of the scheme and the size of the grants available changes from time to time, so you can not directly compare a grant available in 2019 to 2014.

The ECO Scheme places an obligation on the large energy utilities to spend a set amount of money helping homes reduce their carbon output and also avoid fuel poverty. QERB Energy have secured contracts through several Energy Companies to access these funds to help homes in the South West and South Wales.

In addition QERB Energy are able to access a variety of additional funding schemes to offer an even wider range of energy saving measures. These vary between each Local Authority and can change from time to time.

To qualify for a Energy Saving Grant, you must meet either the standard ECO qualifying criteria, or we can seek individual approval from your Local Authority. As such who qualifies can vary depending on where you live. You can read more about the boiler grant scheme here.