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If YES then GOOD NEWS! We can replace it with a new condensing boiler for free thanks to the Government’s ECO Scheme.
If you meet one of the listed requirements, you can claim a grant towards a free boiler (or electric storage heaters). In addition to you qualifying, we need to check that your current boiler is a non-condensing boiler or is broken beyond repair, if so it can qualify being replaced with a new A rated condensing boiler.
You will get a new boiler, with at least a 2 year warranty and you can save up to £310* per year on your gas bills by upgrading an old boiler to a new one.
Check if you qualify now by clicking here.

Enter the email address of the referral to receive the £50 cash reward on application success. Details on how to claim the reward will be sent to this email too. Please note this applies to applicants applying for oil boiler replacements only.

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