One of the most common questions we get asked, is is this a con or just a sales trick?

The general answer is no, Energy Grants really do exist and on this page we are going to provide some information on how to check a grant is genuine and what to look out for.

Types of Energy Grants available, with links to Government websites.

1. Energy Companies Obligation

2. Green Homes Grant – coming soon

3. Warm Homes Fund – now closed

4. Better Care Fund

5. Local Authority Support – see your local council

6. Wessex Loans (or other community schemes)

7. Renewable Heat Incentive

8. Smart Export Guarantee

9. Smart Energy Trading *

10. Green Deal **

We have provided a link for each scheme to a government or a consumer website that provides impatial advice and information, which will allow you to validate that the scheme exisits and how it can help you.

We kindly ask that once you have checked things out, come back to us and we will start you on your way to improving your home.

* Smart Energy Trading is offered by a number of private companies. At present we recommend caution when reviewing these and suggest you validate the numbers being quoted. We have seen examples where high returns are being suggested that simply do not stack up!

** Green Deal has been relaunched, and whilst we are an approved Green Deal installer we do not currently promote the scheme and again recommend you validate any figures quoted and compare them to other offers on the market.





Once you have verified that support is available, its essential that you validate that the company offering this support is genuine and approved to be able to offer you this.

Unfortunately there are lots of companies about that take advantage of these schemes and can leave customers left being ripped off.

There are some basic things you can check though to make sure you are dealing with a genuine company;

1. All companies that provide energy grants must now be approved by Trust Mark. This is the Government’s list of approved installers. It’s quick and easy to check if a company is registered. Simply visit

Enter where you live and a trade, such as ‘central heating engineers’ and view a list of approved installers. Remember a trader MUST be listed on here to be able to provide an energy grant. Or you can search for a company by name.

2. Check that the company is actually an installer of the product they are offering you and not just someone that is going to try and sell your details onto a company that is. There are various websites you can check. For example if you are being offered a grant for gas central heating, is the company registered with Gas Safe and also how many engineers do they actually employ?

3. Check for company reviews. A reputable company will have genuine vetted reviews on websites such as TrustPilot and Checkatrade. Don’t just trust fake facebook or Google reviews where there is no validation process.

4. For peace of mind, you can also check that the company provides third party dispute resolution and consumer protection, such as being a member of RECC 

Generally the more accreditations a company holds the better, as each accreditation body will review, approve, monitor and audit the company on an ongoing basis. They will ensure that the company holds the relevant insurances, skills, processes and policies to provide the services they offer. Furthermore some of these will also provide you with consumer protection. 

In summary, do you research and don’t hand over any money to anyone you are not sure about. Finally check people are actually from the company they say by calling the number of the company on their website.