More about your boiler install

We will provide and install a new boiler and flue alongside any extras you have requested, which are stated below.

Our Gas Safe engineers will remove your old boiler and any associated waste generated by the install.

They will then install a new boiler in the same location as the old boiler, unless otherwise stated below. Where required the existing pipework will be upgraded to modern building regulations, which may require the installation of a fuse spur, electrical bonding and uprated pipework.

Our engineers will install a Magnetic Filter to maintain a clean system and add Inhibitor to ensure the system is protected from corrosion.

Any exposed pipework will be lagged to prevent against freezing. Where required a frost stat maybe installed.

Where required, a programmable thermostat will be installed and thermostatic radiator valves will be fitted.

Our engineers will talk you through the operation of the boiler, including how to set the timer and adjust the temperature. They will set these to your requirements.

The boiler commissioning checklist will be completed and provided to you.


Scope of works 

  • De-commissioning, Removal and Recycling of existing boiler
  • Removal and Recycling of all associated waste
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a new boiler
  • Supply and install of a Flue
  • Full system pressure testing to ensure no leaks on existing system
  • Chemical cleanse of system to remove sludge, debris and scale
  • Central heating system protector added to protect against corrosion
  • Supply and Install remote room thermostat (where required)
  • Supply and install Thermostatic Radiator Valves to radiators (where required)
  • Insulation to exposed pipework
  • Installation of a plume kit, flue guard and/or condense pump (where required)
  • Boiler commissioned
  • Programmer and Thermostat explained and set up to customer requirements
  • Manufacturer Warranty registered on behalf of customer


Out of scope 

Please note that the following are not covered in the scope or cost of the work to be undertaken:

  • Any damage incurred during the removal or replacement of floor coverings e.g. carpet. (ie if a carpet has been glued to the floor)
  • Any reimbursement or allowance in respect of old piping, copper or other scrap metal or other goods that are replaced
  • Please note that the warranty does not extend to any pipework already in existence
  • Any existing pipework that requires pressuring, will not be covered in the event of failure
  • Please note that it is sometimes necessary to re-washer existing hot taps


Brand of boiler installed

In order to provide boilers under the ECO scheme, we purchase boilers in high volumes to gain lower prices. As such the brand or model boiler we install can vary from time to time. Your surveyor will be able to advise you of the model boiler we are currently installing, but as stocks could be refreshed at any time, we cannot guarantee a specific brand/model unless you have paid for an upgraded boiler, which is ordered specifically for your installation.

All of the boilers we install meet the minimum requirements for the ECO scheme and are from well-known reputable brands.


Boiler upgrades

Whilst we offer quality boilers as standard, we understand that some customers would like to have a premium branded boiler, such as a Worcester. As such we offer the option to upgrade a boiler install to any boiler available on the market that is approved for use on the ECO scheme (it must have an SAP score that meets the minimum efficiency rating). We can provide a bespoke quote for a boiler upon request.


Other extras

At the same time as having a new boiler installed you may decide to have other plumbing and heating work completed, such as the installation of new radiators or smart heating controls.


Installation of additional measures

The ECO scheme rules have placed a cap on the number of boilers that can be replaced each year under as a standalone measure. As such during 2019 we are able to access a greater level of funding and avoid the cap if your home is insulated alongside the installation of the boiler. This includes Cavity Wall, Party Wall, Solid Wall and Underfloor insulation. If one of these insulation measures is not possible, the likelihood and level of ECO funding is greatly reduced.

For Cavity Wall insulation measures we will introduce our partner to complete the work prior to the installation of the new boiler.


Auditing of work completed

Under the scheme rules, we conduct random auditing of jobs to ensure our installs are completed to our high standards. As such you may be contacted by a company called Llewelyn Smith, EON, EDF, SSE or THS, either prior to or after installation to conduct an inspection of the work completed or being completed. If you are unsure, please contact us to confirm the validity of the company contacting you. Please note that as part of receiving the grant you are required to provide access to one of these companies to check that the work was completed and therefore that the grant has been awarded correctly, if requested to do so.


Customer contribution

Whilst we are able to access funding towards the cost of your install, it may not always be possible to secure enough funding to cover the entire cost of the work being completed. In addition, if you have selected any additional work or upgrades, the costs of these will not be covered by any grant awarded.

The grant amount awarded is calculated using a number of factors which relate to the property type, existing heating system and insulation in place. As such a grant award can vary from property to property, including from one neighbouring home to another.

The above contribution amount is due prior to the installation date. In the rare instances where we have to cancel an install, you will be sent a refund via cheque within 5 working days of the cancellation. If you cancel the install you will be refunded in line with our full terms and conditions. This may mean that we retain some or all of your contribution to cover reasonable costs. For example, if we have paid to scaffold your property and you cancel the install after we have already erected the scaffolding.

If upon commencing work, we discover unforeseen complications, we will discuss these with you to find a solution. Where these are minor, we will usually proceed at no additional expense to you, but where these are significant, we may not be able to proceed until these are resolved, which may be at a cost to yourself. An example of this would be the discovery of asbestos material within the property.


Please note that this document has been produced to help explain the installation process and covers some of the key questions we are often asked. This should be read in conjunction with our full terms and conditions, which should have been provided to you by the surveyor, or can be read online at