QERB Energy are able to offer extended boiler warranties as we are able to prove to the boiler manufacturer that we have correctly cleaned and protected your heating system as part of the install process.

We are able to achieve this as we utilise the industry’s only UKAS accredited laboratory against the quality standard ISO17025 for testing central heating system water and water treatment products to the highest industry standard.


ADEY's water testing service employs a team of highly qualified analytical chemists who conduct comprehensive tests on a broad range of parameters including determination of corrosion products, scale deposition, pH, chloride, conductivity and inhibitor levels.

The water test results are then made available online via a secure, user-friendly web portal with an email notification typically being sent out within 24 hours.

With the only laboratory in the industry to be UKAS accredited, ADEY is able to deliver the most accurate and reliable test results for the testing of both system water and mains water.

Having met the exacting requirements of national and international standards, this accreditation recognises the company’s ability to produce technically accurate, impartial and consistent reports, giving its customers confidence in its products and services.