Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 24 supplied and installed with comprehensive install pack including ADEY MagnaClean, for just £1999

Vaillant EcoTEC Pro Combination Boiler INCLUDED

The ecoTEC pro range of combination boilers combines the built in quality, reliability and performance you’d expect from Vaillant, with a simple design and approach. Requiring no hot water cylinder or cold-water tank in the loft this combination boiler provides almost instant hot water delivery to your taps, and fits simply and easily into homes even with limited space. Offering impressive efficiencies and reduced energy consumption, thanks to its stainless steel heat exchanger, this boiler offers great performance and peace of mind for the future.

Magnaclean Microfilter 2 INCLUDED

MagnaClean® Micro2 has been developed by the company that pioneered magnetic filtration. ADEY’s filters are already protecting more than three million heating systems in homes throughout Europe removing virtually 100% of the damaging suspended black iron oxide sludge that builds up in all heating systems. The dual-action filter can be installed anywhere on the main circuit. However, to achieve the best level of protection for the boiler, it is recommended that Micro2 be fitted after the last radiator and before the boiler.

Salus RT500RF Programmable Room Thermostat INCLUDED

The RT500 can switch circulating pumps, boilers and motorised valves. Intended for homes where the household has a variety of heating needs from day to day, The RT500 gives you a feature packed unit but still maintains simplicity for the user. Features 5/2 or 7 day programming flexibility. Built in start up programme for quick installation, volt free contacts, battery powered with replacement indicator. Frost Protection. 5 time and temperature changes.

ADEY MC1+ Protector & MC3+ Cleaner INCLUDED

High performance MC1+ from ADEY, the makers of the market leading MagnaClean® filter, prevents both system corrosion and limescale deposition. MC1+ chemical delivers far better central heating system protection than a standard 100-litre inhibitor by future-proofing the system against partial system drain-down. Formulated to provide better protection for the average-sized system AND protect systems with up to 15 radiators. MC3+ central heating system cleaner is a new rapid performing and powerful chemical cleaner specially designed to remove central heating system sludge and debris. Formulated to provide better sludge removal for the average-sized system AND cleans systems with up to 15 radiators.


Offer price of £1999 includes the supply and installation of a Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 24 Boiler as per the following specification: De-commissioning, Removal and Recycling of existing boiler Removal and Recycling of all associated waste Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a new Vaillant EcoTEC Pro 24 boiler Supply and install of a Vaillant Horizontal Flue Flushing of Central Heating System with MagnaCleanse Full system pressure testing to ensure no leaks on existing system Thermal imaging of entire system to identify and remove cold spots within radiators ADEY MC3+ chemical cleanse of system to remove sludge, debris and scale ADEY MC1+ central heating system protector added to protect against corrosion ADEY MagnaClean Supply and Install SALUS RT500 remote room thermostat & programmer Supply and install Thermostatic Radiator Valves to radiators Insulation to exposed pipework Gas Safety Certificate issued CO2 Alarm supplied and fitted Boiler commissioned Programmer and Thermostat explained and set up to customer requirements Manufacturer Warranty registered on behalf of customer

The following items are not included and maybe required, subject to current boiler and location (additional charges apply - subject to survey)

Vertical Flue (A flue that exits through the roof rather than a wall)
Upgrading from a System Boiler (if you have a Water Cylinder and wish to change to a combi boiler)
Upgrading Gas Pipe from 15mm to 22mm (if current pipework is not gas regulation compliant)
Other minor extras such as Condense Pump, Soak Away, Gas Bonding and Fuse Spur (only if required)
Upgrade to Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 28 available (£100)
Extended Warranty, Smart Controls, Additional Radiators and Boiler Servicing options also available.
Offer is only currently available in PL, TQ, TR and EX postcodes.