What you get (FREE)

  • Home survey (EPC) to assess suitability for an ASHP
  • Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) fully supplied and fitted
  • Water Cylinder and Radiators upgraded where required
  • Annual Service & Maintenance (for 7 years)
  • LED Light Bulbs supplied for your home
  • Reduction in fuel bills compared to your old system
  • 7 Years peace of mind heating & hot water
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

How does it work?
We upgrade your existing heating system to an Air Source Heat Pump, including upgrading your hot water cylinder and radiators where required and supply LED light bulbs. In return you agree to keep the system in place and operational for 7 years and assign the rights to the Renewable Heat Incentive payments to us for this duration. We use these payments collected over the 7 years to pay for your new heating system. After 7 years we fully hand the system over to you at no cost.

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