QERB Energy are able to install FREE boilers & Electric Storage Heaters to homes most in need thanks to the Government's Energy Companies Obligation. To qualify for funding, there is a set list of income requirements. You must live in a private home (owned or rented), and receive either Child Tax Credit, Pension Guarantee Credit or one of the states benefits (such as JSA/ESA/Income Support/Universal Credit) detailed below. 

If you qualify we will check that your home is suitable for a new boiler or electric storage heaters. A free 30 minute survey of the property is required to determine this, but essentially you need a non-condensing boiler or old storage heaters. Finally the survey will determine the value of the grant available. This can change over time, but in the vast majority of cases the funding will fully pay for the work. In certain situations, where for example a boiler relocation is required, you maybe asked to contribute towards this, but there is no obligation to do so. Find out if you qualify.