biomass: future Green energy is here!

  • Biomass boiler systems!

    QERB brings a unique approach to the heating market; installing and servicing biomass boilers that run off a range of renewable fuels, either supplied by us, your own local suppliers or you can even harvest your own fuel.

    Perfect for Domestic or Commercial properties including, farms, dairies, schools, care homes, hotels, waste management companies, community district schemes and more!

    We'll help choose the right boiler for YOU.

  • Fully Inclusive Service!

  • A Range of Funding Options!

  • Exclusive Range of Boilers!

solar pv: Generate your own income!

  • Solar pv panels!

    Solar panel systems, also known as solar PV, harness sunlight using photovoltaic cells (solar panels), usually fitted to your roof. These cells will even generate electricity on a cloudy day, so you dont need clear skies for them to work.

    This electricity can then be used to run your home lighting and appliances. Any extra electricity you generate that you dont use can be sold to the electricity companies for a profit. Savings on your electricity bills and a tax-free income!

  • sunlight is completely free!

  • get paid for it!

  • massive savings and earnings!